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GS / Action Replay Codes

All Cards in Trunk

74000130 03FA
42011C2C 0003
0000043A 0004
74000130 02FB
42013CE6 0000
00000004 0002
74000130 02FB
42013C28 0000
0000005F 0002

Note: Go to the World Map and Hold Select then press R, now in the Deck Menu continue to Hold Select and press A. This code will remove all cards from Main, Fusion and Side Decks.

Shadi, Odion, And The Rare Hunters

Complete the Phantom Pyramid.

Maximillion Pegausus

Get the Toon World magic card.

Mokuba Kaiba

Lose a total of ten times.

Duke Devlin

Defeat the following characters at least one time: Yugi Moto, Tea, Joey, Bakura, Seto Kaiba, Ishizu, Rex, Weevil, Solomon, Mai, Espa Roba, Mako, Mokuba, Bandit Keith, Maximillion Pegasus, Seeker/Rare Hunter, Strings, Odion, Umbra & Lumis, Arkana, Marik, and Shadi.

Bandit Keith

Get a record with five more wins than losses with the following: Yugi Moto, Tea Gardener, Joey Wheeler, Bakura Ryou, Seto Kaiba, Ishizu Ishtar, Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, Solomon Moto, Mai Valentine, Espa Roba, Mako Tsunami, Mokuba Kaiba, Maximillion Pegasus, Seeker/Rare Hunter, Strings, Odion, Umbra and Lumis, Arkana, Marik Ishtar, and Shadi.

Cheater Marik

When you duel Marik in the Pyramid Set "Penguin Soldier." When Marik attacks it, the effect will be activated.Select "Yes" when you are asked to return a card to your hand and return the attacking monster to Marik's hand. When you are asked if you want to return another monster to your hand select"No". After the card is returned Marik should set another card on the field on the SAME turn which is against the rules.

Card Password

At the Password screen to get a specific card you get a real Yugioh Card. In the bottom left hand corner is an 8-digit code. Enter that in the password area.

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