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Get Mermaids

Place the mermaid statue in a tank with water in it. The statue will begin to shake and will become a mermaid.

Hector Dolphins

Name a Bottle Nose Dolphin "Hector" and you will have a Hector Dolphin.


Name a guest "Horse" and go to the adopt an animal screen and the seahorse will be there.

The Angel Fish

Name two of your guests Fins and you will get the Angel Fish.

Unlimited Money

Press $ and shift and hold them and watch your money go up rapidly! But to make sure there is no pain in getting millions of money make sure you do it at the beginning of the game when you have no enclosures otherwise the tanks will get dirty.

Change pointer hand color

Press [Ctrl] + C.

Photo Booth

Unlock the Shark World level and the Photo Booth will also be unlocked in the structures menu.

Moving decorations

If you put the clam or treasure chest in a tank filled with water, both will open and close.

Unicorn Exhibit

Rename an exhibit to Xanadu to see the unicorn exhibit.

Scared female guests

Name a male guest rpro.

Scared child guests

Name a male guest Boogyman.

Set all tour guides salaries to zero

Name one of the tour guides Rosalie.

Fix all broken fences

Name a male maintenance worker Bob V.

Remove foliage and $300 tax rebate

Name a male maintenance worker George W.

Destroy all buildings

Name male maintenance worker The Rock.


Name an exhibit Super Croc.

Halloween zoo

Set your system date to October 31 and all guests and buildings will turn orange and black. You can also see buy a jack-o-lantern at the buildings and items menu and see a witch fly overhead. Note: The last effects also happen on game date October 31.

Santa Claus

On game date December 25, Santa Claus will fly overhead.

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