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Level select

You have to edit a game file. Create a backup for you go on. Use notepad to edit "user.ini". It is in the system directory. Change the value following "CurrMap=" to any of the 40 levels.

Cheat mode

You have to edit a game file. Create a backup for you go on. Use notepad to edit "user.ini". It is in the system directory. Locate the "[XMenu.NewCharacterWindow]" heading, then make the following changes to alter the first game position with maximum health, weapons, abilities, power-ups, and all skins.

The following entries are on a single line in the file.

SavedEnforcers[0]=(Name="Player", Difficulty=1, CurrMap=0, MaxHealth=400, speed=1.000000, Targeting=0.000000, RepairRate=3.000000, Ammo=2.000000, Jump=2.000000, ResearchPoints=9999, WeaponUpgrades[0]=4, WeaponUpgrades[1]=4, WeaponUpgrades[2]=4, WeaponUpgrades[3]=4, WeaponUpgrades[4]=4, WeaponUpgrades[5]=4, WeaponUpgrades[6]=4, WeaponUpgrades[7]=4, WeaponUpgrades[8]=4, WeaponUpgrades[9]=4, WeaponUpgrades[10]=4, WeaponUpgrades[11]=4, WeaponUpgrades[12]=4, WeaponUpgrades[13]=4, WeaponUpgrades[14]=4, WeaponUpgrades[15]=4, WeaponUpgrades[16]=4, WeaponUpgrades[17]=4, WeaponUpgrades[18]=4, WeaponUpgrades[19]=4, WeaponUpgrades[20]=4, WeaponUpgrades[21]=4, WeaponUpgrades[22]=4, WeaponUpgrades[23]=4, WeaponUpgrades[24]=4, WeaponUpgrades[25]=4, WeaponUpgrades[26]=4, WeaponUpgrades[27]=4, WeaponUpgrades[28]=4, WeaponUpgrades[29]=4, FinishedGame=1, XBaseSkinName="EnforcerTrooperBaseSkins.BlueDemon")

Cheat Codes

While playing a game, press ~ and enter one of the following codes at the console window to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Granted Wish - Cheat Code

Set jump height; 500 is default - setjumpz [number]
Kill all enemies - killpawns
Fly mode - xfly
God mode - xgod
Full ammunition - allammo
No clipping mode - xghost
Set speed; 2 is default - setspeed [number]

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