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Cheat Codes

Ingame press 'Enter' and enter 'peace'. This will enable the following codes:

Code - Result
HereYouAre! - Reveal Enemy Units & Buildings
BeautifulWorld - Reveal Map
Shower - Large Amount of Blows on Screen Area
MoneyForNothing - Gives of Money
Limit_up - Set Total Units cost to
NobelPrize - 1 Instant Research
Smash - Large Blow in the Center of Screen
GoHome! - Unknown Effect
ByeBye - Unknown Effect
Tromaville - Unknown Effect
Moonlight - Unknown Effect
Hide - Unknown Effect
IDKFA - Unknown Effect
NewOne - Unknown Effect
MyBrainIsFaster - Unknown Effect
UltraScience - Unknown Effect
ScienceForNothing - Unknown Effect
JudgementDay - Unknown Effect

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