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Type wc Origin -k to run the game and you will be invincible and can use alt+del to kill anyone in your target sights.

[ALT]+O-blows up parts of the cockpit (looks cool)
[ALT]+[INS]-destroys wing of ships (not capital ships)
Also, type WC Origin s# m* w# -k l to run the game. NOTE: Case and order are critical in the command line parameters.

Origin - Activates the other command line parameters.

[ALT]+[DEL]-targeted ship explodes
[ALT]+M-Toggle display of memory usage
[ALT]+Z-Your ship explodes
I-Toggle display of current intelligence factor
s# - Select specific series (e.g. s8)
m* - Select specific mission (e.g. md)
w# - Preview cinematic sequence (e.g. w3), scene numbers range
from 1 to 22. Mission specific scenes require that s# m*
also be specified. (WC/SM2 only)
-k - Unlimited shields
l - Single mission, no copy-protection question (WC/SM2 only).

wc2 Origin s8 md -k

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