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Skip The Invisible Wall In Level 3/ Level Warp

Go To the Will Rockin open up willrock.cfg file in note or whatever and edit this line under [Debug] UiNewGameLevel = lev_1_1_outdoor.lg and change it to this: UiNewGameLevel = lev_1_4_corridors.lg Go to a new game in Will Rock and you will start at level 4 skipping that whole level 3 problem. If you sub in any level name into that line u can basically warp to any level. Level names are found in the levels folder.

Defeating Zeus

Use Titan Damage and Immortality, then make your way to Zeus's throne. Go underneath his feet and shoot from there. He cannot reach you with lightning or fire. Watch out for the smaller enemies.

Determine Correct Path In Levels

If you find yourself wandering around in the levels, not knowing if you?ve been there before, simply shoot some vases and other pottery items to determine that you?ve been there. These items also contain treasures that you can use to gain favor from the gods. If an area is clear of enemies, it?s an area that you have been to. An area teaming with monster is an indication that you haven?t been there.

One-Hit And Multi-Kills

Correct timing of the shovel as a weapon will result in one-hit kills. Proper technique with the shotgun can result in multiple kills with one shot. Make sure the enemy is lined up one behind the other.

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