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Enter these in your name under config menu:
LOVEBUN - Secret Car
MAYTE - Another Secret Car
TINKLE - Another Secret Car
SUICYCO - Another Secret Car
2X4B523P - Another Secret Car
FORMULA1 Access Second Set of Cars
SUPERMAN - Invincible Human Cars
DR DEATH - Destruction Mode
DUEL - Killer Opponents
GOLDBOY - Access Premier Cup
MREPRISE - Access Bonus Cup
MR ZOOM - Speeds up the game
TACHYONS - Speeds up the game to an unplayable rate
TINYTOTS - Thin Cars
YOTARACE - Huge Tracks
MRFROSTY - Icy Roads
WARPGATE - Cars continually shrink and grow
CINEMA - Widescreen Mode
CUP WON - See End Sequence
I WON - See Race Win
ROLL EM - See Credits
FREAKY - Weird Coloring
TOPTUNES Alternative Sounds
REMOVE - Remove Cheats

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