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Q -- Quit Orders
G -- Get Unit
N -- Next Unit
C -- Examine City
R -- Remove Unit
P -- Plot Mode
H -- Find Parent HQ
+ or - -- HQ Replace Level
F1 -- Strat/Tac Map
F5 -- Add New Unit
F9 -- View Enemy Hexes
F8 -- Erase Units
F10 -- View Active Rail
Alt/A -- Air Trans Mode
Alt/P -- Replace Pools
Alt/C -- USA Factories
Alt/V -- Move Mode
Alt/M -- Change HQ
Alt/V+R -- Rail Mode
Alt/T -- Tranfer Mode
Alt/T+R -- Rail Transfer
Alt/F -- Bomb Airfield
Alt/S -- Bomb City
Alt/I -- Interdiction
Alt/L -- Airlift
Alt/B -- Bridge Bomb
Alt/O -- Victory Cities
F6 -- Show Plots
Alt/K -- Political Points
F7 -- Amphib/Drop Zone
Alt/Q -- Exit to Dos
T -- Delay/Display Level
F2 -- Center Cursor
[Space] -- is similar to the Mode command on the Main Menu
[Shift-2] -- Repeat bridge bombing mission from same HQ
[Shift-] -- Toggle Turn Length(4/3 days per turn)

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