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Stop or start time

Type T to bring up chat,then type in timetoggle.

Destroy all enemy units in sight

Type T to bring up chat,then type: get off my land

Very Strong Units

Hit the T button then type biffer baker.

All Warzone Codes

Toggle mission timer time toggle
Kill all enemy units on map get off my land
1000 extra power show me the power
Unlimited power whale fin
Mission skip hallo mein schatz
All active research completed work harder
All units twice as powerful double up
View frame rate and graphics engine data timedemo
Kill selected units kill selected
Toggle between snow, rain, and clear skies john kettley
Easy difficulty level easy
Normal difficulty level normal
Hard difficulty level hard
View game compilation date version
Display programmer message carol vorderman
Units almost indestructible biffer baker
Stronger units sparkle green
Toggles screen shaking when unit explodes shakey
Display game speed how fast

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