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Cheat Codes

Hit F8 and then :

there can be only one - 1000 experience for selected hero.
but now i can see - Full map.
just for grant - All units and production turn into Tanks.
hiho hiho - Production time of every unit in all cities set to 1.
purple heart - All units get medal.
king of the castle - Upgrade cities to Citadels +3.
dragon rush - All units turn into dragons.
run spot run - 99 movement for all units.
on a clear day - Remove fog of war.
not easy being green - Water turns green.
if i were a rich man - 10,000 money.
show me the mana - 20 Mana.
burn baby burn - Burn down all sites.
i am lazy - Conquer all cities.
call me conan - Hero stats set to S:9, H:4, L:5, M:50.
lord of the mana - Unknown.
target practice - Unknown.
free free free - Unknown.
name that tune - Unknown.
learn spell - Unknown.

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