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Radio controlled

Type "SML" as your name to race with radio controlled boat.


EPS - Championship mode
PBR - Slalom mode
PDL - Secret level: Mines
URN - Catamarans


SML - Small Boat mode
BIG - Big head mode
POW - Big engine mode
FLY - Unsure of effects??
BAA - Races for you
BAD - ??
BIF - I think this is collisions
WIN - always win races


FAN - Catamarans (Minnow)
DIP - Catamarans (Pike)
URN - Catamarans (Barracuda)
MOP - Unsure of its effects???
ZIP - Still unsure??
EPS - Championship mode
PBR - Slalom
PDL - Hidden track
HID - Unsure??

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