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No Pirates

Name yourself "Black Beard" and no pirate will attack you.


Use the following coordinates to find the corresponding location.

Location Coordinates

Village --> 10N 90E
London --> 53N 0E
Map --> 5N 150E
Hamburg - Gunnery school --> Unknown
Sofala --> 17S 34E
Venice - Cartographer guild -- Unknown
Tunnis --> 37N 10E
Rumor --> 0N 5E
Luanda --> 8S 12E
Malindi --> 3S 39E
Santa Cruz --> 28N 17W
Eville --> 37N 6W
Ceylon --> 8N 80E
Pisa - Duke of modena --> Unknown
Cisco Alvarez Pernambuco --> 11S 44W
Unknown --> 5S 90W
Unknown --> 50S 50W
Dublin --> 54N 7W
Azor --> 47N 38E
Aurmaline --> 15S 36E
Sakai --> 35N 135E

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