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Make Lara Explode

Shift step 1 foreward, 1 backward, turn to the right 3 times and jump backwards. Do not put a flare into her hand.

Some extra's

Lock the butler in the refrigerator. It will cost some time but it is possible.


If you put the CD in the player and when you listen to track 23 you will hear showersounds.

Level cheat

Do the same as with All weapons cheat. Be sure to jump forward instead of backwards. Be sure that the torch ('/') still works.

All weapons

Light a torch, shift 1 step forward and 1 backwards. Turn 3 times and jump backwards for all weapons.

Open the top doors in Laras Home

Complete the Assualt Course in 50 seconds and the two top doors in Lara's Home will open.In one door is Lara's entertainment room which contains the key to the Weapons Closet and in the others is the butlers quarters.

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