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Bonus golfers

Defeat a golfer in the Tiger Challenge to unlock that person in other game modes.

Aces Wild trophy ball

Shoot a hole in one in the Tiger Challenge.

Back-to-Back trophy ball

Shoot two consecutive eagles in the Tiger Challenge.

Birdie Buster trophy ball

Shoot over twelve consecutive birdies in the Tiger Challenge.

Birdie Streak trophy ball

Shoot six consecutive birdies in the Tiger Challenge.

Eagle Extravaganza trophy ball

Shoot four eagles in a round in the Tiger Challenge.

Eagle Hunt trophy ball

Eagle all par 5 holes in the game in the Tiger Challenge.

Fairway Challenge trophy ball

Hit all the fairways in a round in the Tiger Challenge.

GIR Challenge trophy ball

Hit all the greens in regulation in the Tiger Challenge.

Long Distance Drive trophy ball

Hit a drive over 350 yards in the Tiger Challenge.

Long Putt trophy ball

Sink a putt from over 55 feet in the Tiger Challenge.

Low Round trophy ball

Shoot under 60 in a round in the Tiger Challenge.

One Time trophy ball

Tee off and hit a par 5 green in the Tiger Challenge.

Pin Seeker trophy ball

Hit the pin in the Tiger Challenge.

Scenario Challenge trophy ball

Successfully complete all scenarios in the Tiger Challenge.

Tiger Challenge Completion trophy ball

Successfully complete the Tiger Challenge.

Top of the Tournaments trophy ball

Win first place in all tournaments in the Tiger Challenge.

Princeville course

Earn $50,000 with a created golfer.

Black Rock Cove

Earn $200,000 with a created golfer.

Royal Birkdale course

Earn $400,000 with a created golfer.

Tiger's Dream Course holes

When a level of the Tiger Challenge is completed, another hole in Tiger's Dream Course will be unlocked.

Bag editing

Editing your bag can help you in tougher situations. Some players like to carry all four wedges to get more precision around the green, while others like to carry a plethora of woods or long irons to ensure they have the correct club when going for the green. Find out which clubs work best for you -- these may be different depending on the course you play.


When you have a long putt, move the pointer to where it says you will hit a little back. You will make it within a foot or sink it. If you keep the old pointer, you will not make it or come even close.

Black Grove Cave: Getting to the green in one on a par 5

Go to stroke play and choose the Black Grove Cave course. Go to custom holes. Choose only hole 13. Bomb it over the "cliff" directly in front of you. It should bounce on the rock on the bottom and roll right to the green. Note: This is easier if you put Mulligans on and have a golfer that can hit at least 310 yards.

Copperhead Canyon: Getting to the green in one on a par 5

Play the 18th hole at Copperhead Canyon course. At the tee, turn around to the left and you will see the green. With Tiger's clubs, once you have beaten Tiger, you can choose the Driver and reach the green in one stroke. This is a par 5 hole, and if you hit the ball well enough you can make "Double Eagle" on a 700-800 yard hole.

Copperhead Canyon: One time trophy ball

Once you have completed the Tiger Challenge, have Tiger's clubs, and have power raised to at least 102 to 103, go to Stroke Play, Copperhead Canyon, black tees, and play hole 18. Aim the shot with a driver across the canyon onto the green. Hit it and you will have a putt for a Double Eagle. Note: Try putting Mulligans on. Also, if you are about to end up short put in a lot of top spin.

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