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Ride A Quad

In the 4th level go to the trailer park. On the side of one of the trailers is a quad. Press the Y button to ride it.

Lots of money in the beginning

Take a car that is not your own and keep smashing it into a object that can't be moved. The car should blow up pretty easily emitting a large amount of coins.

Change your clothes

Go inside the school or the Kwik-e-mart and go up to the shirt (with the $ sign above it) and press the Y button then you can buy different cloths such as Homer in his under wear or in a dress.

Glitch house

First go to the 3rd level and go to the huge boat in the harbor(c-spanker).Then go around and you should see a house, (Davey Jones Hamper). On the left are 2 crates on top of each other. Jump on the chain rail and then jump behind the crates. Walk in to the wall and your in the glitch house.

Special Features

To enter all of these cheats, during gameplay press ESC, and click on options. Hold down [F1] while using the arrow keys to type in the following:

One hit kills the car: Right Right Left Left
Speedometer: Right Right Down Left
Unlimited speed: Left Left Left Left
Invincibility: Right Up Right Up
Fast acceleration: Right Right Right Right
Special cars turn to Lego: Down Down Right Left
Jump in car: Left Left Left Right (press horn)

Some other good things:
Set the date to 25/12/04 for Xmas mode
Set the date to 25/11/04 for Thanksgiving mode
Set the date to 31/10/04 for Halloween mode
Set the date to 04/07/04 for Independance (sometimes doesn't work)

Hope you enjoy them.

Get a Monster Truck

Go to the 5th level and drive to the stadium. Jump on the fountain and then jump on to the big wall. In front of you there is a monster truck.

Skip missions

To get through the game faster by skipping levels, try and fail a mission five times. Then, try again and fail. You will be given "Yes", "No", and "Skip" choices to try again. Select "Skip" to advance faster through the game.

Ride an ATV or Quad

You can find an ATV or Quad to ride at the trailer park in Homer's and Marge's levels. It is between two trailers at the far end.

In Marge's level, go to the trailer park short cut then go near the end of it. You will see a card floating on the top of the trailer. Go on the left side of it and you will see a blue ATV.

Drive a boat car

In level 3, the boat car can be found on the C. Spanker, where there are two big boxes next to one big box. Go up, then into the extremely large box on top of the two other extremely large boxes.

Drive the Monorail car

In level 2, to drive the Monarail car to to the first train in the broken Monorail station.

Drive Nightboat

When playing as Lisa, drive any car to the pier and look for the huge oil tanker with a Globex sign on one side with a jump in front of it. Jump through the Globex sign and drive to the top. Do not drive off. Park your car next to the little
gap/walkway on the left. Hop out and run up to the first set of crates. Hop up to the very top and shimmy around the ledge. Inside the top crate is the Nightboat.

Drive pink Cadillac

On level 6 with Bart, drive to Planet Hype (right at the beginning of the docks, there is a revolving planet there) and go on the roof. The Pink Cadillac is crashed into the front of the building in a little slot (facing the Squidport sign). Fall off the front of Planet Hype, land on the Cadillac, get in, and drive it.

Drive RC car

On the final level as Homer, drive to where the firetruck is a long ramp. As you jump off it, look off to the side. You will see a little car with an antenna. Slowly drive up past where the truck attaches to the ladder/ramp then drive fast towards the building with mildew under the roof. You could also climb up the other firetruck that is in the wreckage next to the building. Jump on the ladder, then go up to the top of the firetruck. Next, go over the side of the roof with the horizontal wood, then to the top of the roof with the RC car.

On top of the Krusty Burger on Homer's final mission, drive your car up the fire truck ladder. Try to land on the top of the Krusty Burger. Get out of your car and you will see what looks like a remote control car. You can actually drive it around

Drive a rocket car

In Homer's first level, drive to the power plant at the back of the town. Then, drive through the power plant. Once you reach the end, keep going along the road and on the left, in front of one of the big gold houses near Mr. Burns' mansion, you will find a blue and white rocket car that you can drive around.

Multi-player racing game

Collect all the cards in one level to unlock the multi-player racing mini game.

Fix car damage

When your car blows up and you need it back quickly, get in the wreck and drive into a wrench. This will return your car to its original form.

Beating Smithers to Mr. Burns

To beat Smithers to Mr. Burns in the last mission in level 1, purchase the Duff Truck from Gil and use it in the race. Immediately when the level starts, drive it so it is facing the entrance booth and stop it halfway between the fence and the booth. Immediately exit from the car. Borrow a car that is driving into or out of the plant to drive to Mr. Burns while Smithers keeps trying to get the truck out of the way. If done correctly, he will not be able to do so.

Enable the "One hit traffic death" code. As soon as the race starts, drive into Mr. Smithers. He will explode, and you can then just drive to Mr. Burns.

Delivering toxic waste

On the mission in the level 7 where you have to deliver toxic waste, use any car you can hijack the one that you use to pick up the toxic waste. Then, get into a fast car or anything else and drive to the school. Now you do not have to worry about exploding the toxic waste. You should see the civilian car driving with the toxic waste on the back. Just get into it and complete your mission.

Drive Skinner's sedan back to the arcade

On the last part of the mission, get out from there and go back to talk to Dr. Nick. From there, collect Skinner's meds and walk back to the arcade. The clock will not start as you have not gotten into a vehicle yet.

The moon from Abe's Odyssey

In Bart's level 2, go down to where the shipwreck and the red is running into the water at the Squidport. Look at where the lighthouse is shining. When the light faces backwards, it will shine on the moon that is in Abe's Odyssey, with the hand print on it.

Clueless mission: Easy completion

In level 3 in the Clueless mission (the second one where you talk to Milhouse a lot), drive your car to Wall E. Weasle's. Then, talk to Milhouse at the Noiseland Arcade. When you get into your vehicle, you will have already be there. Then,
before you talk to Milhouse, drive to Planet Hype. Then, go back and talk to Milhouse. Run to your vehicle and enter it. The vehicle should be at Planet Hype. You should have completed the task. Then, before you talk to Milhouse again,
drive to the Springfield sign. Run back and talk to Milhouse. Then, run to your vehicle. Enter it, and you should now be done with this task. Exit the vehicle then talk to Milhouse to complete the mission. Note: This only works if you do it before you talk to Milhouse.

Easy money

Get the rocket car in front of one of the mansions. After you drive around and it gets destroyed, make sure you remember where you left it. Then, look for one of the wrenches and get it while out of a car. The rocket car will now return. You can smash it again and keep getting money as many times as desired.

Look for Buzz Cola boxes and Wasp cameras and destroy them. You will get about 30 coins from each of them.

In Homer's level, go to the tobacco fields where you help Cletus. Run over all of the stalks of tobacco with a car. Note: This will also give you a Hit And Run, so do not stay too long.

To a lot of the Buzz Cola coins, get a very fast car with good handling. Drive around Springfield repeatedly until you get the desired amount of coins. While you are driving, go slow enough but not too much to find cola boxes, cola glass
billboards, and cola vending machines to get the coins.

Save time

On level 3 with Lisa you will do the Clueless mission. When you meet Milhouse at the docks, he will tell you to drive to the Springfield sign. Before you talk to him, drive your car north of Milhouse to the Itchy Scratchy shop. Then, go talk to him. When he is done talking, they will tell you to ''Get in your vehicle''. Run to the Itchy Scratchy shop and get into your vehicle. The timer will start and you will have more time.

When given a timed task, the timer will not start until you get in the car. Try the level on foot and the timer should not start.

Easy mission completion

Note: This trick only works with missions that ask you to find a car and travel to a location in a limited amount of time. When you cannot complete a level because time runs out before you can reach a location, just find out where the location is and fail the mission. Then, try the same mission again, but run to the location instead of driving there. The timer will not start counting down until you enter a vehicle.

For some of the missions (for example, Clueless) where you are instructed to get in your car, before the mission starts park your car in front of the check point. Then, talk to the person you are supposed to speak with. After talking to the
person, jump on a car traveling in the direction of where you parked your car and ride it to your destination. Note: Do not hijack the car -- just hop on top of it. The car will keep going.

Krusty's shortcuts

In any level, look for a glass window with Krusty's face and the words "Buzz Cola" on it. If you drive through it, it is usually a shortcut to get to where you need to go. Sometimes it reveals a hidden area.

Decrease Hit And Run meter

When you are almost going to activate the Hit And Run, get out of your car and borrow the first car you can find. Do not drive one from the telephone. Then, quickly get out and enter your car again. The Hit And Run meter will reach zero.

When you reach Hit And Run status, get out of you car and walk into a building. Wait until your Hit And Run meter goes down, then leave and get back in your car.

The easiest way to get away from the cops is to jump out of your car and go into a house or store. This works best in level 1 with Homer, as you can go into the Kwik-e-Mart or the Simpson's home.

Get a ride

Go to any level (Homer's first level recommended). Stand in the middle of the road and when a car appears, jump onto its hood then jump again onto the roof. It will take you all around the district.

If you hop on top of any of the cars in level 1, they will give you a free ride and Homer will do a dancing motion. Often, they will lead you to the races.

Smoking tires

To have a very fast car, hold down the [Gas] + [Reverse] + [Brake] until the smoke turns black and you see flames on bottom of your tires. This can only be done with some cars. Release everything except [Gas] and you should go very

Seriously damaged car

On Homer's final levels, drive the 70's car to the yellow bridge that reads "Evergreen Terrace and Power Plant". Speed out of the cemetery, drive onto the bridge, and ram the car into the railings on the right-hand side the bridge to get them merged into each other. Get out from the car and watch it fall. If it does not fall, push it. Make sure it falls directly next to the bridge. It will then appear from the purple water. Merge through the road completely damaged almost exploded.

Alternate character reactions

When you buy different costumes, in each level the character you select will react differently when you allow him or her to remain idle. For example, choosing Bartman will have Bart jump up and fly around for a few seconds.

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