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More money

When starting a new game, go to the very bottom left-hand corner (under ground) and click the lobby outline there. When you do this, your starting money will double to 4 million. Have fun.

$4,000,000 dollars

Start a new tower. Before you do anything click on the lobby tool and go to the far left bottommost corner and click the lobby tool on level b10 on the corner and get $2mill more than you started out with.

Nudie bar

Go to level 69 and type nudie when you build a lobby there, then click on the building to double the amount of money you get from it.

More Lobby

When you are building lobby press control+shift. Then the lobby will be 3 times high.

Loads of money

Start a new tower, save it, then exit to DOS and change to sim tower directory (cd.., cd maxis,etc.). Then type debug[name of tower].tdt, now type "e 100 00 24 0* 00 85 ff ff 00" (replace the * with the star rating you want. finally, type w then q to exit.When you reload your tower you should have tons of money, and the star rating you wanted. Have Fun!

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