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Radioactivity-It causes a Nuclear explosion
There's no place like home-It returns you to hanger without your helicopter
Been there, done that-ends your level in career mode, then you need to fly back to your hanger

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Activate the cheatmenu with CTRL + ALT + X.

Shields up: Immortal.
Gas does not grow on trees: always a full tank.
I love my computer: to the helicopter.
Superpowermultiply: Superfast if you hold SHIFT.
I am the CEO of McDonnell Douglas: All heli's will be available.


The map, please
Get the map when your outside PAMCAREYGOLDMAN - Billboard picture Gort - Play ending movie.


Gas does grow on trees-Full tank
I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas-Go into the hangar, type 123456789 at the catalog, and all helicoptors.
A megaphone in the hand is worth two in the bush-Use megaphone outside of helicopter.
Give me bucks or give me death: xxxxx-where xxxxx is, type a number 1-50000, and you might get that much money. If you don't, Simcopter will shut down without warning(the higher the amount of money, the bigger the chance of death). (A tip) In most cities, F10(greet on megaphone) around people will make one person shoot another, or you can see people shoot up and hit your helicopter(not causing damage).

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