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UFO Swarm

Press [Ctrl], [Shift],[alt], and C and type in UFO Swarm press Enter, then go to your disasters menu pick UFO! Sit back and watch the fun.


let's make a deal - neighbour/business deals offered
i like red tape - all ordinances become available
nerdz rool - high tech industry

CODE: i am weak
EFFECT: Makes buildings, utilities, zoning, transportation, planting trees and creating surface water free.

CODE: call cousin Vinnie
EFFECT: A new petitioner item will appear in the Meet window, announcing a "Local Fundraising Event." This, um, "businessman" will offer you some cash, no questions asked. Should you choose to accept his offer, you'll notice a little extra cash in your coffers.

CODE: zyxwvu
EFFECT: This code isn't available to just anybody, you have to prove your integrity first. Use the "call cousin Vinnie" cheat and refuse his immoral offer. Then use the "zyxwvu" cheat and the beautiful SimCity Castle will appear in your Rewards menu. In addition to looking cool, the castle boosts land value, aura, and does other wonderful things to the surrounding area.

CODE: garbage in, garbage out
EFFECT: Makes all garbage buildings available.

CODE: power to the masses
EFFECT: Makes all power buildings available.

CODE: water in the desert
EFFECT: Makes all water buildings available.

CODE: Salt on
EFFECT: Changes the sea to salt water.

CODE: Salt off
EFFECT: Changes the sea to fresh water.

CODE: Terrain one up
EFFECT: Raises the terrain.

CODE: Terrain one down
EFFECT: Lowers the terrain.

CODE: Terrain ten up
EFFECT: Raises the terrain.

CODE: Terrain ten down
EFFECT: Lowers the terrain.

Gives all the reward buildings

While playing press ctrl-alt-shift-c and a dialog box should appear. type in 'pay tribute to your king' and it should give you all the reward buildings. note: sometimes this code doesn't work if you have a lot of reward buildings already placed.

Add every building to the landmarks window

*Open the power plant window, and then close it with the X button in the top right hand corner.
*Now open the Rewards and opportunities window, and then close it with the X.
*Now open the Garbage disposal window, and close it with the X.
*And Finally, open the Landmarks window and you'll have every building in the game.

How to use the codes

To use a cheat code, press the [Ctrl], [Shift], [Alt] and [C] keys at the same time. This will bring up a cheat window for you to type a code.

The Birds

First, you have to press Ctrl, Alt, Shift and the letter C. Now you can type the cheats. The cheat I will talk about is "the birds". When you type "the birds", a message will say something about the birds coming.

Lots of Money Generated.

Theres no need to start all these : Call Cousin Vinnie cheats.

If you follow the following steps, you will have a sucessful city.

1.) Hold Down Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C.
2.) In the Popup Box, tpye : i am weak {This makes everything except for bulldozing free}
3.) Build a Square type Area of Light Density Residential, and Build a Road all the Way aroung it.
4.) Then build a Square of Light Density Commercial, and one of Light Density Industrial. Build Roads around them also.
5.) Build Medium Density Residential Next to the Light Density Residential, and Join the roads up. In between, plant trees and joyful things like Parks or Playgrounds.
6.) Build an even smaller area of High Density Residential, and then build roads connecting all of the Zones...
7.) Do the same for Industrial, but near the Industrial Zones. {TIP : Keep Industrial and Commercial away from Residential, but not too far away.}
8.) Build Garbage Constructions and Land Fill sites just a few grid squares away from The Dense Industrial, and build a Road surrounding the Land Fill site.
9.) Put Landmarks around where you want your Centre to be... Put the Rewards such as Mayors House and City Hall next to the Landmarks... {Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C to open the box, and type ; Pay Tribute to Your King...This enables all rewards.}
10.) After that, build a separate area, putting all Medical Research, Military, and Space Research buildings there, and a Road connecting them to the City. Build High Density Residential around the City Centre, and lots of Flats or Big Houses should be built there.
11.) Build a Road out to the edge of the City, and Build a Large Area of Airport Zoning...Build a Road round it, and a few roads inside it, so that they develop all over.
12.) Connect Water and Electricity, of course, and also, if you wish, build a Seaport around your Water Supply.
13.) Connect your Out of Town Roads to a Highway, and connect them to your Neighbours.
14.) Raise all the Taxes to 6, and Press Play.

This should provide a Stable and working City.

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