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Debug Mode

Type PRISCILLA for Debug Mode (This will appear on the FileOptionsetc. bar)


To get $500g type "imacheat"




Pause game and type FUND until you get $80,000 you cant get anymore than that. Before you Unpause save your city than unpause wait for earthquake to end and load your saved city.


JOKE- an image of a fish pops up with a message. works for all simcitys...


type gilmartin for a military base.
noah-major flood


(Dos only) TORG- $500,000, all rewards
take the centering tool and if you have an airport, click the helicopter and it will crash.

Have allot of money

Type in FUND and then type FUND agian Then go to the Buget screen and click on the bond book While in there click issue bond it should say .% click yes and every january you will get 1.5million dollars.


Push caps lock and type in fund you will get 20,000 dollars once you have done it more than three times a huricane well sweep over the land.

No water trick

Start a new city.in a corner de-zone a 3x3 area.put a water pump in the middle of that area.hook the water pump up to power.you must have no pipes or water pumps in your city already.

Gain $500,000

During gameplay, type in "imacheat" all in lower case. next, go in your budget window (That's the one with the $ symbol for a icon) and leave the budget window. you will automatically be $500,000 richer!*

*: You can do this as many times as you want, I have found NO limit to the amount of times you can do this.

Firefighting Strategy

Surround a fire with Dispatch Firefighters(found in the siren or light button). If that doesn't work, build a firebreak by demolishing all the buildings around a fire. The firebreak should be a LAST RESORT, but is garunteed to put out the flames.(HINT: make the firebreak BEFORE the fire gets too big. If half your city is ablaze, it's too late.)

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