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Cameraman Guest

Click on a guest in your park and click the name tag and name your guest Chris Sawyer and he will take pictures in the park.

Artist Guest

Click on a guest in your park and click the name button and name your guest Simon Foster. He will walk around painting pictures.

Free rides

Name a guest Coaster.

'WOW' Thinking guest

During the game click on a guest, and then click on the 'Rename' button. Call your guest "John Wardley" and he will think 'WOW' whenever he is near/on a rollercoaster.

All scenarios, rides and infinite money

At the Main Menu, hold SHIFT,type " rct2" and press ENTER.If done correcly, you will hear clapping.

Free money

Go to finances by pressing "F", then press ENTER + "M" for $5000. This can only be done once a month for unlimited amount of cash.

Park Guests Names

code results
Chis Sawyer Takes pictures of rides
Simon Foster Paints pictures of rides
Melanie Warn Increace Guests happyness
Katie Brayshaw Waving guests
John Wardley Constantly thinks WOW!
John Mace Pays double prices on rides

All Shops

To put all of the shops in your amusement park, push [Ctrl] + Z.

All Rides

To put all of the rides in your amusement park, push [Alt] + Z.

All Facilities

To stuff your park with all the enmities, push [Shift] + Z.

Utopia at Mega Park

To unlock Mega Park, a scenario with a sprawling plot of land and no objectives, you must complete all other scenarios.

Remove Weeds without Mowing

To remove weeds without mowing the landscape, click on a construction button (like the leveling land button). Then click on a weed it will disappear!

Maximizing Productivity of Shops and Stalls

Location is the key to maximizing profits! Here are a few business tips:

Don?t squeeze stores together. They will compete for customers and their prices will fall. Put shops and stalls near the rear of the park, NOT at the entrance. Once tired and hungry guests have walked all the way to the back, they will be more than willing to pay higher prices for snacks.

Increase Park Rating

Though it is questionable ethically, it makes business sense... Maintain high park ratings by drowning all unhappy guests! (Click on a mad guest and use the pincer icon to place him in the water.)

Retain Ride Popularity

To retain a scary ride?s popularity, simply delete a segment of track and replace it with the same thing. The guests will be fooled into thinking that the amusement has been improved and will continue flocking to it!

Receive A One Million Dollar Gift

To get lots of money for your park, close it down for one full year! Afterwards, a man dressed in a blue suit and holding a clipboard will give you a little ?helpful money? ($1,000,000).

Hire Einstein

To extend your research by leaps and bounds, find Guest #1 and rename him "E=MC2". Then find guest #2 and rename him "E=MC3". The two will meet and begin brainstorming. Shortly thereafter they will ask to be hired on as the park?s research developers. Say "yes" and pour your resources into the think tank. The following year, research and development will have grown by leaps and bounds. You will have all of the latest rides and nearly a billion dollars to spend!

Guest Names

Enter a guest name as "Damon Hill" to make the go karts go faster.
type "Michael Schumacher" to make go karts go even faster.
type "Chris Sawyer" to have a guest walk around and take pictures of your park.
type "Simon Foster" to have a guest walk around and paint pictures.
type "Tony Day" to have a guest eat a lot of hamburgers.
type "Melanie Warn" to make them very happy.
type "Katie Brayshaw to have them walk around and wave to every one they meet.
type "John Mace" to have him pay double for rides.
type "John Wardly" to have him always think "wow!"

Pop ballons cheat

To pop a ballon,make sure you have a ballon stand,make sure you have a person with a ballon, and make sure no windows are opened up. When someone loses a ballon click it to make it pop !


Start any level and build a water tile and throw someone in it. It doesn't matter who. After he starts drowning remove the water. He will still keep drowning even if he is on land, as if he's in quick sand.

Duck Quack

Start with a large body of water in your park ( don't build it yourself! ) When you see a duck, click on it to make it quack.

Make people lose balloons

There are two ways to make people lose their balloons:

1. Win the objective (this makes EVERYONE lose their balloons when they applaud you)

2. Drop a guest with a balloon in water.

Cure Nausea

Dig a hole and put footpaths in it. Put benches on the footpaths. Pick up a sick guest and drop them in the hole. They will recover very quickly. Don't forget to put the guest back ON A FOOTPATH or they will get VERY angry!

Sickly Helpful

If you have created a roller coaster with a high nasuea rating, then your guests will most likely be clutching their mouths and puking. To solve this problem, install food&drink stalls nearby. Another way is to put benches close to the exit. Remember, listen to what guests say of your park, and therefor, you can improve it!

Unlimited cash

Guest name a guest: BigBucks (for some reason it doesn't work on all games)

How to kill guests

On the 'Thunder Looper' (steel rollercoaster) you can increase the launch speed when guests are on the the ride by increasing the launch speed, the rollercoaster will fly off the rails and crash killing any passengers on the ride.

You're Never Alone

You know you can use the visual icon(the eye of a person at the top of the screen). Now, we can put it into good use. First, build a bathroom. Now, open it and click the visual icon. Highlight the option reading "see-through rides" and if there are any people inside the bathroom, you will see them inside.

Note: I'm going to try and actually see the people up close in the bathroom, by selecting a guest who is heading toward a bathroom and watching them go in. Hmmmmm...

Another (and rather entertaining) way to kill guests

First, start constructing a "Whoa Belly". When you have the choice of how many levels you want your ride, select only one pyramid top piece. Now, go to the ride screen and click the options icon (the one with the gears moving together). On the option screen, there is an option on how much of a boost you want on your ride. Go up to 90 mph. Now, test your creation with guests on it, and watch the guests fly into the sky with the ride car, and laugh as the ride explodes when the people land.

Note: If you want to do this again, then demolish the old build building and create another using the same steps.

Useless Gentle Rides?

If you have heard the familiar thought from your guests;"I want to go on something more thrilling than-"(whatever your ride is), then you must have some sort gentle ride no one wants to go on. But there is a way you can make your guests go on these rides. First, build a Whoa Belly or Gravitron-on the intense side. Then, Construct a Gentle ride like a slide, merry - go - round or ferris wheel next to it. Since your guests have come off intense puke machines, they will be more than happy to go on a more gentle ride.


I figured how to put people in "Limbo Land". Say a guest is wanting to find the park exit, but you don't want him to, click on the guest and pick him up with the tweezers and close his box without putting him down.

Flying Boats

If you are building a theme park, and you get the boat hire ride, then build a little pond so u can build it, (but DO NOT make tracks, just let them go their own way.) Then when all the boats are out of the station, you can take all the water away and the boats will be flying! You can also do it with canoes, swans, and rowing boats!

Fun coasters

1. - Create a steel corkscrew rollercoaster. Make it Reverse Incline Mode and build a steep up coming from the back of the station. Then, from the front, make a steep twist, going up. When the 1st car comes off, all the rest will scatter around the park! Even if one of the cars explodes on a guest, somehow, they will not die.

2. -On arid heights (Loopy Landscapes Pack) Create a Steel twister roller coaster. Make it normal continuous mode, and make one normal lift hill of track, then do launched lift hill up to the height of 61. Then do a steep drop, and it will make the speed about 100mph. Do this many times, and you can get the speed up to unimagineable levels. My best coaster is

Exitement Rating - 1.64 (low)
Inensity Ratng -36.15 (ultra-extreme)
Nausea Rating - 17.8 (ultra-extreme)
Top Speed - 197mph
Average Speed - 130mph
Maximum Vertical G's - 21.39gs
Minimum Vertical G's - -10.6gs
Maximum Lateral G's - 15.7gs

Hover Boats

Go and buid Boat Hire. Do not build any tracks. When people are on it raise the water so it turns into land. they will be floating on land.

Road Train

Buy a shuttle loop coaster and put it right near a path. Then delete the loop and the incline. After that you may want to put the speed up to 60 or higher. Then test the ride and watch it travel on the path. When the path ends, so does the guests lives.

Stuck Rides Hint

When rides get stuck (In the message box it will say "Car/boat something hasn't returned to station yet") which mostly happens on boat hires or Wooden Crazy Rodent Roller Coasters, just pause the game, click on the the stuck ride, and double click the red light. The ride's boats/cars are now gone. Re-open the ride and then un-pause the game. The Cars/boats are no longer stuck and your line is still there (Although there is a mob like crowd of people, as you will notice once you colse the ride).


To do this cheat you must have a path under-ground. When a person walks on the path delete it, then the person will just fall until the reach ground level 1 then they just dissappear!

More carts

Pause the game and click a roller coaster. Then click on the button that brings you to the page that says how many carts you want to have on the roller coster. make as many trains and carts as you can and unpause the game.and there you go you have all the carts and trains you can get so you can hold twice as much guests and get twice as much money.

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