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More codes

For Bear: BGYOGI

Type these codes at the main screen.


bgshow: shows animals
bgurine: makes the animals come to you
bgtrack: stealth mode
bgvampire: blood on map where you shoot the animals

Rocket Launcher

When in hunt mode (seeing through hunters eyes) type BGbarbecue and you will get a rocket launcher (you have to have your gun down when you type this code. after typing this click on the picture of your gun and you have a rocket launcher)

All the cheats

(Type on the main screen)
bghorns:only sheeps
bgyogi:only bears
bgelkabong:only elk
bgbullwinkle:only moose
bgnoah:double the animals
bgsteroids:max size animals
(Type on the map screen)
bgshow:show animals
bgtrack:instant moves
bgurine:animal attract
bgvampire:show blood tracks
(Type on the hunt screen)
bgbarbecue:rocket launcher
bgweather:turns on weather
bgsniper:turns on/off weapon wobble

(warning trophy room shows that you cheated & codes will not work in target range!

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