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$50,000 the Easy Way

In the Bot Lab, press shift + 4 ($) to get fifty thousand dollars to spend making any bot you can dream up. Be careful not to do this if you have more than $50,000 to spend as that amount will be replaced.

Over 750 pound limit

Start the game and go to bot lab. Build a robot with anything you want and can afford. If you meet the 750 weight limit and still want to add more, sell your armor and add untill you get to 750 pounds.(Or where ever you end up). Now add armor of any kind and it will let you go over 750. If a part gets blown off in battle, sell your armor, put the part back on, the buy the armor back.

Cool Stuff

Start the game and go to Bot Lab. Edit the Deafult Bot if you just started the game or one of your bots if you have played before. In the Edit bot part, delete the bot's name and type in "Cheatbot". Slowly erase the last letter (t) and the bot's old name will come back. You now have a Switch Blade (A dagger type thing) New wheels (On the mobility list, it's the first set of wheels, even though it says," 8'' Rubber wheels."), and a skull (On the bottom of the accessories list, even though is says,"Badge Plate") On the mobility list, there is now a space that says," No icon available". This is normal.

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