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Various Cheats

During gameplay, press Enter and type any of the following "Codes":

alreadydeadFull Health
alchemy999999 Gold
noamnesiaMax Bars in Upper-Left Corner
potionsnlotionsGet Lots of Potions
spell pouch???

Increase Stats

Go to Jong (the trainer) and use the pass code Nahkranoth (which makes you kill with one strike). Spar with Jong, each time you hit him you gain a lot of experience. Continue to spar with him, but not too long or he will die. When he starts to dissappear, end sparring session, go back inside, then come back out. He will be rejuvinatedso that you can spar with him again. Continue to do this and recieve until the desired stats are received.

Ice Arrows

There is a corridor just before the gates that has a chest containing 25 Ice Arrows, guarded by a red ninja. Also, there is a chest to the right just after you enter Soullage's cage that has a longbow, 25 Ice Arrows, and regular arrows. The ice arrows are really the only way to beat Soullage. Hit him with one and he will turn to ice. Run up, attack him a couple of times, then freeze him again. By doing this, he can be defeated without you getting hit one time.

Reappearing Dragon and Treasure

Get to the tower where you get the ring for the sailor, with the dragon. Approach and kill the dragon. Take the treasure, then go to the middle as close as possible without being teleported downstairs. Save the game, then reload it. If done correctly the dragon and treasure will reappear.

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