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Cheat Codes

While playing a game, hold G + O + D (simultaneously) to display the command line. Then, enter one of the next codes to get the following effects:

Effect - Code

God mode on - IMMORTAL
God mode off - MORTAL
Smart Reticle; turns red when over a target - RETICLE
Third person view when on-foot - CAMERA
All on-foot weapons have max ammo - ALLAMMO
Targeting for on-foot weapons - TARGETS
Double damage when on-foot - DBDAMAGE
On-foot radar - RADAR
All car weapons - CW
Max car ammo - CA
Running person in place of car - STONEAGE
No car geometry - CAROFF
Flip car geometry - CARFLIP
Reverse car geometry - CARREVERSE
Toggle car wheels - WHEELSOFF

EMP missile

If you get a EMP missile, save it. You can use it to steal cars.

Exploding driver

Enable the stoneage and wheelsoff codes. After destroying the "cars", it appears as if a person exploded into a shell of that car. Then, another person pops out of that.

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