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Cheat Codes

While playing the game hit the [~] key and a window will pop-up. Enter the following codes:

Cheat Code - Effect

vivalahelvig - God Mode
camera1 - Change Camera
camera2 - Change Camera
camera3 - Change Camera
bighugmug - All Weapons & Ammo
heehoo - Fly Mode

Easter Egg

On CD2 in data/movies there's a hilarious Bink Video .exe file.

Unlimited remote charges

For those who don't like cheating very much, here is a trick for remote charges. plant the remote charge, and press the use key to pick it up again. Now you've picked up 2 remote charges. keep doing that and you'll be at 21. you can get anywhere in the game with explosives. for example, in the canyon where you'll find the first mercenarys, you can see a cable above you somewhere. blow some holes in the rock and you'll have 'stairs' as I call it.you can climb further to the top and there is the cable car.have fun blowing up!

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