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Items before trial

The following items should be in your Case Constructor before you go to trial.

Case for Identity
Cindy Chen
Detective Gonzalez
Allen Brody
Line Up (Cindy Chen identifies Fong)
Photo of Rat Tattoo
Lab test (toolmark ID) on autopsy photo of victim's thigh
Lab test (fingerprint) on gun
Lab test (ballistics) on shell casing
Photo of parking lot
Michael Fong's DMV record
Case for the Criminal Act/Premeditated
Lab test (toolmark ID) on autopsy photo of victim's neck
Allen Brody
Autopsy Photo of victim's neck
Case for the Criminal Act/Killing Of A Human Being
Autopsy report
Autopsy photos of victim's head
Cindy Chen
Case for the Criminal Act/With Intent To Kill
Cindy Chen

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