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Video Game Cheats, Codes, Walk-Throughs, and Hints/Guides for Primal Rage - MyCheatSite test


Video Game Cheats, Codes, Walk-Throughs, and Hints/Guides for Primal Rage

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Important! All moves have to be accomplished with the buttons 1 + 3 holding down.
D - Down
T - Towards
A - Away
U - Up
* - Fatality
** - Eat humans

Bed-o-nails - D-D-U
Iron Maiden - A-U-T
Rushing Uppercut - A-D-T
Get Gouger - T-T-A
Hornication Uppercut - D-T-A
Spinning Death - T-D-A
Flying Spikes - A-A-U
Gut Flying(*) - D-D-D-U
Meditation(*) - T-D-T-T
Falling Spikes(*) - D-A-U-D
Chomp a Human(**) - U-T-D

Quick Mega Punch - A-U-T
Short Mega Punch - A-D-T
Long Mega Punch - A-T-T
Fake Mega Punch - D-U-U
Cold Breath - D-A-T
Ice Geyser - D-D-U
Punching Bag - T-D-A-A
Throw - T-D-U-A
Air Throw - Buttons 1 + 3 in air
Brain Bash(*) - U-T-U
To-Da-Moon(*) - D-D-D-U
Redemption(*) - D-T-U-D-U
Chomp a Human (**) - U-U-T-D

Grab-n-Throw - T-A-A
Slow Power Puke - U-A-A
Fast Power Puke - U-T-T
Fart of Fury - D-T-U-A
Ground Shaker - A-U-D
Flying Butt Slam - D-T-U-D
Battering Ram - F-F-F
Cannonball(*) - D+U=T repeatedly pressing
Golden Shower(*) - D-D-U-A
Chomp a Human - T-D-A-U

Slow Fireball - D-A-A
Fast Fireball - D-T-T
Torch - U-D-D
Hot Foot - A-D-T
Mega Lunge - D-U-T
Pulverizer - U-T-T
Inferno Flash - U-U-U
Incinerator(*) - U-A-D-D
Fire Ball - T-T-T
Chomp a Human - D-U-D

Primal Scream - D-U-A
Earthquake Stomp - U-D-D
Cranium Crusher - D-U-U
Leaping Bone Bash - D-U-D
Stun Roar - A-T-T
Neck Throw - T-A-A
Air Throw - Buttons 1 + 3 in air
Grape Crusher(*) - T-U-F-A
Carnage(*) - T+U+A pressing repeatedly
Chomp a Human(**) - D-D-U

Brain Basher - A-U-T
Pounce And Flip - T-D-D
Frantic Fury - D-T-T
Double Slash - D-U-T
Face Ripper - D-D-T
Jugular Bite - U-T-D
Heart Wrenching(*) - T-D-U-D
Stampede(*) - T-A-U-D
Chomp A Human(**) - T-D-A

3 secret features, all in 2-player mode

1. Volleyball
Play level "THE COVE", with "SUDDEN DEATH" active. Kick the any humans that appear at your opponent. When you do this 8 times in sequence, a volleyball-net will appear. Who-ever has the best score when time is up wins.

2. Bowling
Play a level as "ARMADON" and have both players do a "SPINNING DEATH" at the same time. (Buttons 1 and 4, back, forward, down). You get 10 humans as pins.

3. Glider-Q
Play level "RUINS" -Level. One players must be "CHAOS". "SUDDEN DEATH" must be activated. In round 3, have a tie. When the timer reaches zero, a "FART OF FURY"-cloud must be present. A parachute will appear.

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