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Some passwords

Curtis - BLOB
Therese and Jocilyn - X,X,X
If you key in a X,X,X code, you will have to key in a Nudity code: ADRIENNE
Venimen docs - RATBOY

If you are in Curtis's room, stand across the bookshelf. If you look to the left of the shelf, you will see a radio. Click 10 times on the radio and you will get to see a jukebox. You can even choose your own music. If you are at work, go to the network-room. If you arrive there, take the screwdriver and click 5 times on Curtis. You will notice Curtis jumping across the screen. If you are at work, you will notice that you are standing next to a waterbasket. Press ALT while clicking on Curtis's stomic. You will see a weird head above Curtis.

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