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31 lives

IMMORTAL as a password.


NEVERDIE as a password.

Full health

HORMONES as a password.

Level select

GETACCES or OCMCKKEJ as a password.


MAKMYDAY as a password.

Rolling camera view

Enter GONAHURL as a password.

Speed mode

SKATBORD as a password.

Mutant mode

GENETICS as a password.

Psychedelic textures

ACIDDUDE as a password.

Regenerating monsters

JUSTKIDN as a password.


1 Ice Prison -- EMIAGCAI
2 Zorrscha's Lab -- OMACCBAI
3 Hot Pants -- FAIAGCBI
4 Stan's The Man -- FEKAGCCA
5 Oyster Desoyster -- LGBFIICE
6 Puzzle Wood -- LMBBIIEE
7 Temple Of Nori -- IEBBIIGF
8 Egg! Egg! -- KNBBIIAI
9 Huevos Libertad! -- LGBJIICI
10 Pipe Hous -- LOBJIIEI
11 Hate Tank -- IGBJIIGJ
12 Fantabulous -- FFCAGCCC
13 Mr. Schneobelen-- FHCAGCCK
14 Collide O Scope -- FJKEGCDC
15 The Zoul Train -- FLKEGCDK
16 Lick The Toad --ADIKBIIB
17 The Bitter End -- ADMIBIID
18 Rub The Buddha -- MAECCBEJ

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