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Level Skip

Type jump , using oasis, anubis, ragnarok, juggernaut and dead as levelnames.

Cheat Codes

Enter one of the codes below to activate the desired cheats after pressing pause.

Cheat Code - Granted Wish

timewarp - toggle timer
weaponcam - camera follows ammo
singletrac - "Singletrac Rules!" message
macleod - invincibility
keymaster - armor, health, ammo
phantom - press[F11]and [F12] to spy
snipsnip - toggle characters gender
gohome - reset at starting position
sneakers - invisibility
thrasher - view all enemies on radar
bigears - toggle sounds
showall - full map
dirtyharry - unlimited ammo
buzz - glider wings
framerate - display framerate
baumer - more weapons
derek7 - UNKNOWN(TRY IT!)
warpme - UNKNOWN(TRY IT!)
bigbrother - UNKNOWN(TRY IT!)

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