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ctrl f10-Armagedon button ctrl f8-Self assteem rebuilder ctrl f9-Mass Driver Missfire ctrl f11-Remove resource limitations ctrl f12- Change Iq's (it says chnge iq's but I think it means change)

Faster Building Time, Research, Training Times

Click on the structure being built several times until it is built
Click several times on the university while it is training
Click several times on the lab doing research

Build, Train and Research Faster

Repeatedly click on a building to make production of a building, training scientist, or Research Topics faster by up to 40%!

Full Ore

Push the Enter key, then type, "Dan's dog could make more ore." (without the quotes) and all resource holds will be filled.

Faster fire

Press [Enter] then type Dan's bike could backfire more often. Note: Include the apostrophe, but there is no period in this code.

More people

Press [Enter] then type Dan's car could hold more people. Note: Include the apostrophe and the period.

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