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During the game type in zambo: Zamboni is going to come out.


Type while playing
mantis-players have long necks,arms and legs
nhlkids-players are midgets
flash-audiende takes pictures
homegoal-freegoal for home team
awaygoal-freegoal for away team
check-go flying when someone checks you
grab-same as check but with a stick
victory-fireworks everywhere
injury-automatic injury
penalty-penalty for your team

Players with max stats

If you go to create a player and type these names in exactly how I have them the player will have max stats.
John Rix
Mike Smith
Mike MacKinnon
Funky Swadling
Jay Macdonald
Cory Yip
Andy Harris
Gary Johnson
Ben St John
Jeff Mair
Juan Jacyna
Jay Bulbrook
Trenton Shumay
Dejan Stanisavljevic
Tedd Streibel
Victoria Wong
Tom Papadatos
Troy Church
Phillip Chow
Ted Nugent
Adriano Celentano
Jeff Dyck
Mark Gipson
Lance Wall
Sissel Tangen
Mark Johnston
Bryce Cochrane

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