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EA Sports Teams

To access the two secret teams in NHL '97, you must do the following: Go into the credits screen. When the picture of all of the Programmers appear, type pioneer. Let the credits finish and then play in an exhibition game. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of teams in the team select screen and EA Sports 1 and EA Sports 2 will now appear.

Cheat Codes

When the game begins, hold Shift and type "WAGD" to enable cheat mode. To use these codes, just press the key or keys indicated below.

Code Effect
F Fight any time you want
Tx20 Tiny players with huge sticks
P End of period
O End of 3rd period (overtime
if game is tied)
G End of game (If it is tie,
it stays a tie)
H Goal for home team
V Goal for visitor team
1 Two minute penalty for team
without puck (holding pen.)
2 Four minute penalty for
team without puck (tripping.)
4 Five minute penalty for
team without puck (spearing.)
5 Team with puck gets penalty shot.
I Press while checking to injure
the checked player.

Alternate Uniforms

Click the left mouse button on the logo of ANAHEIM, BOSTON, PITTSBURGH, LA or VANCOUVER you will get the thirdrd jersey of the team.

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