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Skating the BNL Line

Want to play as one of the member of the Barenaked Ladies? It's easy, all you have to do is use "Create A Player" feature to enter a band member's name and save the musician to the team of your choice. Here are step-by-step directions:

Go to "Options" at the Main Menu.
Select "Create Player/Rosters", and continue to select the "Create Player" until you reach the screen that asks for the name of the player you'd like to select.
Use the controller to spell out the first name of the band member of your choice, press the "advance" button, and then enter the last name of the band member Lady you've chosen.
You will be asked if you would like to create the player that matches the name you've typed. Select "YES."
>From there, enjoy customizing the BNL band member to your liking. You can choose his team, his position, and his skills (although we're sure that they're star players already).

If you haven't already saved your 'Lady to a team, a screen will appear giving you the option to "Return to Waivers" or "Edit Lines." By selecting "Return to Waivers" you can assign the 'Lady of choice to a team.
When you are done, return to the Main Menu to enter the game, then select the team where the 'Ladies are saved and experience NHL 2002 Barenaked Ladies style.
If you're interested in skating all five guys at once, repeat the same "Create Player" process after you've saved each player, entering each of the band members' names at the prompt. Claim each member to the same team off waivers, and you've got yourself a star-studded line-up.

Just in case you don't have the names handy, here's a list of all the BNL members:

Jim Creeggan: double bass, bass guitar, singing
Tyler Stewart: drums, singing
Steven Page: singing, acoustic and electric guitars
Ed Robertson: acoustic and electric guitars, singing
Kevin Hearn: keyboards, accordion, singing, electric guitar

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