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Easy battles

An easy and effective strategy when fighting Bosses or other hard to kill creatures is to make them follow you until you reach an area transition door. Fight close to it and when your hit points are low, exit. The creature will not follow you through the door. Rest and save; then go back to fight. Normally the creature will not have regenerated. This trick can also work with normal doors depending on the monster; normally humanoid creatures will be able to open non-area transition doors.

Easy custom items for multi-player

Use the tool set to create a Module and then an Area. Make sure you are familiar with how to use it (making a start area, how to use tile sets, how to use the wizards). Export a character from any game (single or multi-player mode) that you wish to use in another multi-player game. Create the items at a low enough level so that your character can use them. You can check the level on the Properties/General menu of the item. Be aware that certain abilities will add a certain amount of Required Levels to the item. The easiest way is to use the wizard and create the item at your level, at Godly quality. Make sure after you create the item you have checked as being "Identified" or else you will not be able to use the item (unless your Lore is high enough). This can be found under the Properties/Properties menu, where you place the abilities. After you are done making you item, place it on the ground anywhere you desire. Nearest to the start location is best, and it is easiest to put them all inside a container of some sort, so you can just take them and place them directly into your inventory. Save the Module, Run the Module under New/ CustomModule, then use the character that you exported (called a Local Character). You can now have custom items, names, colors, and abilities to your choosing. Export the character again, then play in a multi-player game. This does not appear work for a single player mode game.

Cheat Codes

Use a text editor to edit the "nwn.ini" file in the game folder. Add the following line under the "Game Options" section. Make a backup from this file first, before you start editing.

Debug Mode=1
Then while playing a game, press ~ and type "DebugMode 1" (case sensitive) to enable cheat mode. Then, press ~ again and press [Tab] to view the debug commands. Press [Tab] to scroll through the commands. Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, the message "Success" will appear. If the message "Entered Target Mode" appears, click on the desired character to apply the cheat.

If you alter your character, load the "nwnplayer.ini" file in the game folder and set the following lines in order to continue past the module you are currently on:

Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=0
Single Player ItemLevelRestrictions=0

Effect CheatCode

Invincibility dm_god
Set Charisma attribute SetCHA [number]
Set Strength attribute SetSTR [number]
Set Intelligence attribute SetINT [number]
Set Wisdom attribute SetWIS [number]
Set Constitution attribute SetCON [number]
Get indicated amount of gold dm_givegold [number]
Get indicated amount of experience points GiveXP [number]
Raise indicated number of levels GetLevel [number]
Set character's fortitude save modifier ModSaveFort
Set character's reflex save modifier ModSaveReflex
Set character's will save modifier ModSaveWill
Set character's spell resistance modifier ModSpellResistance [number]
Set character's age SetAge [number]
Set character's base attack SetAttackBase [number]
Change character's race (human, elf, etc.)1 SetAppearance [race]
Unknown ModAge [number]
Unknown ModAttackBase [number]
Unknown ModSave
Unknown ModDEX [number]
Unknown ModCON [number]
Unknown ModINT [number]
Unknown ModWIS [number]
Unknown ModCHA [number]
Unknown SetSave
Unknown SetSpellResistance [number]
Unknown GiveLevel [number]
Unknown runscript NAME
Unknown GetVarInt
Unknown GetVarFloat
Unknown GetVarString
Unknown GetVarObject
Unknown GetVarVector
Unknown SetVarInt
Unknown SetVarFloat
Unknown SetVarString
Unknown SetVarObject
Unknown SetVarVector
Unknown GetVarModInt
Unknown GetVarModFloat
Unknown GetVarModString
Unknown GetVarModObject
Unknown GetVarModVector
Unknown SetVarModInt
Unknown SetVarModFloat
Unknown SetVarModString
Unknown SetVarModObject
Unknown SetVarModVector


Activate the "DebugMode=1" thing and then type dm_mylittlepony and your character rides a wooden horse(you can't attack on a horse but you get there quicker) to deactivate type the same thing again.

Various Cheat Codes

The first thing you'll want to do is edit the NWNPLAYER.INI file that's in your main NWN directory. Near the top, find the line that says "Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=1" and change the 1 to a 0. If you don't do that, you can still use the cheats, but the game won't let you progress from chapter to chapter.

While you're in NWNPLAYER.INI, you might also want to change "Single Player ItemLevelRestrictions" to equal 0. That way, you can ready any item that's level-dependent no matter what your level is (though note that this doesn't help with class-dependent or feat-dependent items).

In the game, press the ~ (tilde) key to get a small console prompt in the top left corner of the screen, then type "DebugMode 1" (w/o the quote marks) and press ENTER. That'll get the cheats enabled. When you're through typing in codes, type "DebugMode 0" to turn debug mode off.

You can hit the TAB key repeatedly with the console line up to see long lists of codes you can use. I organize the most useful ones into three lists here:

General cheats: Just press ~, type the code, and press ENTER.

* dm_god - toggles invincibility
* dm_heal - fully heals your main character
* dm_mylittlepony - toggles a fast little invisible horse for you to ride around on; note that you can't attack while riding the horse
* dm_cowsfromhell - summons several mad attack cows that trample every NPC in sight, both friendly and otherwise; use with caution
* dm_showarea - reveals the full map for the area you're in (removes "fog of war")
* dm_gettime - shows the current day, month, year, hour, and time of day

"Set" cheats: These cheats set the values of their associated stats, overwriting the old values. When you type the cheat on the console, the game will enter targeting mode, allowing you to apply the cheat to whoever you click on (your main character or a henchman).

* SetSTR # - set Strength stat to #
* SetDEX # - set Dexterity stat to #
* SetCON # - set Constitution stat to #
* SetINT # - set Intelligence stat to #
* SetWIS # - set Wisdom stat to #
* SetCHA # - set Charisma stat to #
* SetAge # - set age to #
* SetAttackBase # - set base attack bonus to #
* SetSpellResistance # - set spell resistance to #

"Add" cheats: These cheats add the given values to their associated stats' current values. As with the "set" cheats, type the cheat and then click on the character you want to apply it to.

* GiveXP # - adds # experience points
* GiveLevel # - allows you to level up # times
* dm_givegold # - adds # gold to inventory
* ModSTR # - adds # to Strength stat
* ModDEX # - adds # to Dexterity stat
* ModCON # - adds # to Constitution stat
* ModINT # - adds # to Intelligence stat
* ModWIS # - adds # to Wisdom stat
* ModCHA # - adds # to Charisma stat
* ModAge # - adds # to age
* ModAttackBase # - adds # to base attack bonus
* ModSpellResistance # - adds # to spell resistance
* ModSaveFort # - adds # to fortitude save
* ModSaveWill # - adds # to will save
* ModSaveReflex # - adds # to reflex save

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