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Code Result
TP 00-15 Drive As Traffic Cars
GOFAST Upgrade Engine
MONKEY Upgrade Automatic Transmission
MOON Low Gravity
MADLAND Super Human Opponents


Code Result
BUY Free Purchase
UP0 No Upgrades
UP1 First Upgrade
UP2 2nd Upgrade
UP3 3rd Upgrade
GATES Cash Increase


Code Result
DCOP Bonus Hot Pursuit Car
ECOP Bonus Hot Pursuit Car
FCOP Bonus Hot Pursuit Car


Code Result
ACAR Bonus Car
BCAR Bonus Car
CCAR Bonus Car
CARS All Cars
TRACKS All Tracks
ALLTIERS Open All Tiers
OUTMYWAY Horn Causes Other Racers to Crash
RESETYA Horn Causes Other Racers to Reset

Note: OUTMYWAY and RESETYA can be used at the PAUSE screen. Please note that you need an updated config.dat file to enable these codes.

You need an update for the codes

Click here to download the config.dat file you need for these cheats to work.

Mini Photo Game

Select the "Credits" icon after the loads and use the option to change the display from text, to photographs.Then repeatedly click the on the pictures as they appear until a "Click the Photo" mini-game begins.

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