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Keep items

Save your profile after every race. When you lose or get caught by the police, exit out to the main menu. You will be asked you if you want to save your profile. Select "No", then go back in to the game. You will have everything you had before the race.

Blow up car

Enable the Auskagel code to get $100,000. As your car, choose the Ford Focus (car #5) and tune it until no more modifications are available. Next, race in class A against the best opponent. When racing and you are in fourth gear, start the NOS and go on the lane that your opponent is in. Next, either brake (if you are winning), crash into your opponent's side, or hit him from the back. If done correctly, you will see a huge explosion and both cars will be destroyed. It is only a $300 fine and your car will still be intact.

Money Code

Type Auskagel or HenryJarl as your profile name. You should start with $100,000, and 8 Respect.

Fast and the Furious Supra

Use this password to unlock the Fast and the Furious Toyota Supra car: ffsupra1

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