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View development team

Right click on the Desktop. Select "New", and "Folder". Name the folder "and now, the moment you've all been waiting for" in lower case with punctuation. Right click the folder and rename it to "we proudly present for your viewing pleasure" in lower case. Right click the folder and rename it to "The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!" with proper case and punctuation. Open the folder to view the development team and hear extra audio.

Volcano names

Right click on desktop, select "Properties", then the "Screen Saver" tab. Choose the "3D-Text" screen saver, choose "Settings" and check "Text" and enter Volcano as the text to display. Preview the screen saver to see the names of various volcanoes in the screen saver.

Windows 3.x Program Manager and File Manager

The files for Program Manager and File manager (from Windows 3.xx and prior) arestill included in the Windows directory under the names progman.exe and winfile.exe. Opening them will run the original Windows Program Manager and File manager.

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