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Video Game Cheats, Codes, Walk-Throughs, and Hints/Guides for Messiah - MyCheatSite test


Video Game Cheats, Codes, Walk-Throughs, and Hints/Guides for Messiah

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Cheat codes

In the game, press Escape, then type (not too fast or too slow and no pausing):

ucantkillmeActivate God Mode (Only for Bob, not the Host)
fleshnbloodDeactivate God Mode
braindeadAI Off
einsteinAI On
icantseeAI Vision Off
icanseeuAI Vision On
freezecamFreezes Camera
thawcamThaws Camera
toohardformeEnd Current Game
charwireonCharacter Wireframe On
charwireoffCharacter Wire Off
worldwireonWorld Wireframe On
worldwireoffWorld Wireframe Off
onpolycountPolycount On
offpolycountPolycount Off
gamespotSpawn Weapon Ammo
voodooextremeSpawn Bazooka
softwarebuysSpawn Grenades
weldmeSpawn Welding Torch
buzzbuzzSpawn Buzzsaw
boomstickSpawn Pumpgun
rapidfireSpawn Machinegun
slicendiceSpawn Maimer
lightmeupSpawn Flamethrower
cooloffSpawn Pak Gun
bigbangSpawn Bazooka
coolfxSpawn Maser
stickaroundSpawn Harpoon Gun
illbebackSpawn Weapon Ammo
getsomeSpawn Grenades
lcopSpawn Light Cop
mcopSpawn Medium Cop
hcopSpawn Heavy Cop
rcopSpawn Riot Cop
guncmndrSpawn Gun Commander
inchargeSpawn Domina
mynightmareSpawn Armored Behemoth
cantseemyfaceSpawn Welder
workinmanSpawn Worker
eggheadSpawn Scientist
glowstickSpawn Radiation Worker
heydocSpawn Medic
smellyguySpawn Chot 1
nohygieneSpawn Chot 2
idontdanceSpawn Chot 3
scumbucketSpawn Chot 4
chotlingSpawn Chot Dwarf
smellysteroidsSpawn Chot Behemoth
fungirlSpawn Fungirl
workitSpawn Prost 1
mansdreamSpawn Prost 2
specialguySpawn Hung
averagejoeSpawn Male Dweller 1
averagejackSpawn Male Dweller 2
averagejohnSpawn Male Dweller 3
janeplainSpawn Female Dweller 1
jillplainSpawn Female Dweller 2
femfataleSpawn Subgirl 1
nastyoneSpawn Subgirl 2
varmintSpawn Rat
bestfriendSpawn Barman
bringmeadrinkSpawn Waitress
bustamoveSpawn Dancer 1
cutarugSpawn Dancer 2
mixalotSpawn DJ
tophatSpawn Pimp Daddy
onsteroidsSpawn Behemoth
addedfirepowerSpawn Offensive Bot
keepmecompanySpawn Companion Bot
letmeinSpawn Bouncer

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