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Dark Megaman X

Highlight Megaman at the character selection screen. Then hold [Down] and press F.
Dark Zero
Highlight Zero at the character selection screen. Then hold [Up] and press F.
Ultimate X Armor
Highlight X at the title screen, then hold [Up] and press C. After you pass the introduction level, go to the "Web Spider" level. Find the capsule to get the Ultimate X Armor instead of the boots.
E Tank
To get one of the E Tanks, go to the Cyber level and get the S rank. To do this, jump on the platform that does not have an enemy. Go to Ray's stage area 2. Survive until you see two boxes, a space, and one box. In that space is the other E tank.

W Tank

Go to Snow Base area 2. Destroy all of the ice blocks until you reach a platform that leads you left or right. Go left and destroy the ice blocks. You will eventually find the W tank.

Huge heart container

Go to Frost Walrus' stage and go to the end of the first part where you are sliding on the snow that crumbles. Climb up the wall and you should see a container that looks like a huge heart. If you are using X, use the Web Spiders ability when you are on the wall then use your boots to float over to the web. Then, jump onto the ledge were the heart is located. If you are using Zero it will be more difficult. Go to the same part of Frost Walrus' stage and climb the wall. When you are at the top, use the Double Jump ability to make it on to the platform with the heart.

Defeating the Spider Boss

When you get to the Spider Boss, dash slide away to dodge his webs, then jump over it.

Defeating Cyber Peacock

To defeat him with Zero, use the Z-Saber Enhancement you get from defeating Magma Dragoon.

Defeating Double

When you reach Double, use the Double Cyclone.

Defeating Magma Dragoon:

When you get the armor suit at area 2, get in and continue normally. When you get to the part where you have to jump higher than the suit allows, do not get out. Instead, go in the lava and move forward as quickly as possible, breaking the box things in front of you. You will begin the battle with Magma Dragoon in the suit. Attack him until the suit explodes. By this time, his life should be low.

Defeating Magma Dragoon and Slash Beast

As Zero, use Raijingeki, which does 2 hits on Dragoon and 1 hit on Slash Beast.

Defeating Slash Beast

First, defeat the Stingray and use his weapon in the battle. Shoot him once, then jump over him, turn, and fire again. Repeat this until he goes down.

Defeating Web Spider

As Zero, use Ryuenjin after if you have Kuuenbu jump and slash him for an extra hit.

Easy helmet upgrade

Go to the Cyber Peacock stage. Get a rank "S" on the third section. This can be done easily by using the Soul Body (Split Mushroom's weapon) periodically. You can kill the floating eye balls.

Flying boots, body armor, Nova Strike upgrades

If you are Dark Mega Man, get the upgrade on the Web Spider's stage and you will get the flying boots, body armor and Nova Strike (a very powerful blast).

Zero's power attack

After gaining the Fire attack for Zero, just attack as you normally would except tap his slash attack two times and on the third time use his Fire attack.

Float in mid-air

Double cyclone is effective in the air since it stops X short and gives him a little more time and distance. Charge up rising fire and jump in the air. When you reach your highest point in your jump, release the charge. You will boost up for a double jump.

Chill Penguin appearance

Go to Frost Walrus' stage and proceed to the mid-Boss. You will see Chill Penguin frozen in an ice cube. Also, If you look closely in the background, you will see that the wall was broken. This is the exact stage in Mega Man X for Chill Penguin.

Spark Mandrill appearance

Start Frost Walrus's stage and look closely in the background. A big frozen Ice block frozen like Spark Mandrill.

Buffalo appearance

Get to the halfway Boss in the Frost Walruses stage to see the Buffalo from Megaman X3 in the background.

Enigma appearance

Go to web spiders' area. In the background you can see the Enigma from Megaman X5.

Megaman X: Ultimate armor (Japanese version)

Press [Up] and [Shoot] buttons while selecting Zero. Enter a special armor capsule to receive the new armor.

Megaman X: Ultimate X Buster Attack

When you want to destroy an enemy easily, hold [Attack] for a few seconds. Release [Attack] and he will blast a huge X Buster. The more energy MMX receives, the stronger his X Buster gets.

Zero: Black armor (Japanese version)

Press [Down] and [Shoot] buttons while selecting Zero.

Zero: Saber Attack

Zero cannot recharge his weapon, but using his saber he can destroy enemies easily. Press [Dash] + [Attack] while striking an opponent. This will make Zero's saber attack stronger and faster.

Robot Ride Armor #1

The location of the first Robot Ride Armor is in the level with jets/planes. Keep going straight and you will find a blue Robot Ride Armor. You can easily destroy enemies with those.


Zero and MMX have different storylines in the game. The one that is most interesting is Zero's.

Character appearances

You might find characters from the original Megaman games on the backgrounds of this game.

Frost Walrus stage: Easy lives and energy

Go to Frost Walrus/Kibatodos stage. Then, dash jump towards the first wall on your left, then dash jump to the right one. Continue to the right. You will see two snowmen. Use either the Lightning Web (X) or the Double Jump (Zero) to jump higher and reach the upper-right edge. Defeat the weak enemies here and get a lot of energy capsules. If you have not taken damage, you should have one E-tank full at 50%. You should also get the life near the appearing and disappearing platforms. Return four times maximum to fill up your two E-tanks and get a good supply of lives. Note : For really tough fights (for example, Colonel and Sigma) and you have already used all your energy tanks, it might not be a good idea to pick up many lives. However, do it against the eight Mavericks once you meet them again, if you do not use tanks during the fight.

Frost Walrus stage: Easy heart

An easy way to get the heart is to shoot upwards with the Magma Dragoon Flame Upwards ability.

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