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Cheat Codes ( demo version )

Press and hold Control, Alt and Shift and type these codes:

Cheat Code - Granted Wish

HF - Heat Tracking Off
IB - Destroy Enemy Mech
ML - Finish Mission with Success
IY - Invulnerability
UO - Unlimited Ammo

Easy Instant Action win

Build a Mech with double Thunderbolts. In battle, run up to your enemy and fire them at his cockpit. This usually works in one or two hits.

Save Weight

When modifying your mech, get rid of the boosters, as they not only don't carry you very far, they often overheat your mech if you're not careful.


Never, ever lose track of your lancemate(s). In the fist couple of missions you can't control them, but in the few levels following that you can control them but they are invincible. After those missions you can still control them, just they can be destroyed.


Having a hard time with a level that you can't beat? Want to be invincible? Well, I have a solution. Start a mission, go to the options menu, and click the invincibility box, and presto! You are invincible. If you take damage, and your picture in the corner of your screen is all the way red, or whatever color, don't worry. You are invincible.

Cheat Codes

Press the following codes and hold CONTROL-ALT-SHIFT:

IY = Invincibility
UO = Unlimited Ammo
HF = Heat Tracking Off
IB = Destroy Enemy Mech
ML = Finish mission with success


Get a Mech Warrior that can hold four particle cannons. If you shoot a raven or a osiris with a particle cannon in the cockpit, then it's an instant kill. This might really help you on the mission Raid Base.

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