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Cheat mode

Pause game play, then hold [Shift] and enter one of the following codes.

Result -> Code

Granny rider -> 648S
Add 8 minutes to run time -> 4W62
Burnside level -> 648W
Perfect balance -> 4AWD
Special always full -> AS86WA84
School level -> 648A
Warehouse level -> 648D
10X score multiplier -> 466WSS
10X score divider -> SSW664
Remove on-screen display -> 4AW8
Fat tires -> S66S

Note: Enter the numbers on the Keypad. The screen will shake to confirm correct code entry.
Note: If you changed the keyboard configuration, use the corresponding keys for that command.

W: Pedal
S: Brake
A: Left
D: Right
2: Bunnyhop
4: Air Trick
6: Spin Trick
8: Grind/Stall

Tony Hawk

Get all thirty covers and two gold medals in career mode with any character to unlock Tony Hawk on an old girls bike.

Exorcist mode

Enable the "Big tires" code, then get over 10,000 point to have your rider's head spin on their shoulders.

Warehouse level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Score a 200,000 combo. A message will confirm that the level has been unlocked. To unlock this level easily, make your own level with the level editor filled with 5,000 point gaps. 10x multipliers are not valid to get the level. Try making a series of low sloping rails placed this way: \. Make gaps of 5000 points between each until you run out of gaps. Ride parallel, this way : <-. Jump up and grind. You should skip on the tops of each one, getting massive points. Eventually you will begin to slow down and grind backwards. If this happens and you do not already have the points, jump up to other rails until you get the points. If you get the points in a park editor test ride, it will not work. Make sure it is saved and that you do this in a single session.

Burnside level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Get all thirty covers and two gold medals with all characters.

View rider's ending sequence

Win any type of medal in both competition levels with any rider to view the corresponding FMV sequence.

Grandma FMV sequence

Win any type of medal in both competition levels as Grandma.

Neversoft Bails FMV sequence

Win any type of medal in both competition levels as Tony Hawk.

Best bike

Win gold medals in both competition levels to unlock your rider's best bike.

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