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Game developers

After completing the game, go to the rocket ship. Run around and find a hole nearby. After you find it, type sdreams. A portal should appear at the hole. Go in and you will see the game's developers as Lego people. Talk to them to find out some interesting things.

Followed by butterfly

Press [Talk] near a field of butterflies repeatedly to have one follow you around the island.


Go up to Space Mountain. Press [Left Ctrl] to get on your skateboard. Then, while on the skateboard ride off the side of the mountain at the space port (not the rocket ship, but where the building is located). Do not turn until you are on a brown piece of land. Once there, turn left and go upwards to the side of the railroad tracks. If you are in the corrected position, you will grind the tracks. Note: Several attempts may be needed.

Walk on water

Get on your skateboard. Hold [Left Alt] to jump while you are riding towards the water. The grassy area near the Res-Q HQ would be a good place to try this trick. Just before you fall in, release [Left Alt]. If done correctly, you will see Pepper put away his skateboard just as if he were on land. Press the cursor keys to walk on water. : When you are ready to return to land, you will see Pepper fall into the water and get back out.

Get a photo of any Part of the game

To do this get to the part you want to take a photo of then press F10. This works on Sub-games and when somone is speaking to you.

When you quit the game you go to:
lego island II

Then Down to:
Lego photos

After this youshould be able to name and print them.(your name forthem is not printed) (you cant change the size(a4)and they use up a lot of ink but they are worth it.

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