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Unlimited stones

For unlimited stone's in all levels all you must do is build two quarry's,it will not show that you have unlimited stones in the store house but you do.

Add resources to all types and win level

1st - click on storage house
2nd - click on the top row middle resource
3rd - try to form a inverted v from the resource to the almost right and left side.
4th - then try to form a house shape without the door and windows
5th - click on the crossbow to add 10 extra resources to all types and click on horses to win the level

Cheat mode

Open the inventory window by clicking on a Storage House. Then, click once on the following items. A red triangle will appear in the item's square as each is selected.

Row 1, item 3 (wooden boards)
Row 2, item 2 (iron bars)
Row 2, item 4 (wine casks)
Row 3, item 1 (bread)
Row 3, item 5 (cooked meat)
Row 4, item 1 (animal hide)
Row 4, item 5 (plate mail)
Row 5, item 1 (axes)
Row 5, item 2 (swords)
Row 5, item 3 (lances)
Row 5, item 4 (pikes)
Row 5, item 5 (long bows)

Then, click on Row 6, item 1 (crossbow) to add 10 of each item to your inventory or on Row 6, item 2 (horses) to complete the current level.

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