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Passwords for extra cards

In Emerl's story, go to sonicteam near the highway and type in these cheats


Tails Combo Card

In Emerl's story use this code: OTrOI

Shadow combo card

In Emerl's story use the following code: ArmIa.

Play As Chaos 0

Defeat Chaos 0 during Emerl's story line.

Play As Gamma

Defeat Gamma during Emerl's story line.

Fly And Get Mini-game

Successfully complete Tails' episode in story mode.

Green Hill Zone Level

Successfully complete story mode with all characters.

Mine Hunt Mini-game

Successfully complete Knuckle's episode in story mode.

Soniclash! Mini-game

Successfully complete Sonic's episode in story mode.

Speed Demon Mini-game

Successfully complete Shadow's episode in story mode.

Treasure Island Mini-game

Successfully complete Amy's episode in story mode.

Emerl Combo Cards'

In Emerl's story, go to Central City and go to the sonicteam building and type in these codes, 75619 for Sonic's, OTrOI for Tails', yU3Da for Knuckles', ArmIa for Shadow's, AhnVo for Rouge's, alogK for Amy's, ZAhan for Cream's, tSueT for Gamma's, and EkiTa for Chaos'. If you ask me I would say that Shadow's is the best.

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