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To enable cheats, while playing a game, bring down the console with [Shift + ~] and type "devmapall" or "helpusobi 1". You can then enter any of the following codes in the console:

Effect - Code

All weapons and items - give all
Dead mode on - undying
Extra ammunition - give ammo
Extra armor - give armor
Extra health - give health
God mode - god
No clipping - noclip
Quit game - quit
Fight with fists - iknowkungfu
Show shaders - shaderlist
Suicide - kill
Set all Forces to indicated value - setforceall <1-4>
Kill all NPCs - npckillall
Invisiblity - notarget
Load map with cheats enabled - devmap
Spawn indicated NPC - npc spawn
Freeze all NPCs - d_npc freeze 1
Unfreeze all NPCs - d_npcfreeze 0
Set saber color ** - sabercolor <1-2>

Set all lightsaber abilities - setsaberall <1-10>
Record demo with indicated name - record
Stop demo recording - stoprecord
Enable dismemberment * - g_saberrealisticcombat <1-20>
Freeze game for indicated time - freeze
Spawn indicated item - give
Perform taunt *** - taunt
Display indicated message in console, or on main screen if bound - echo
Toggle any variable/command that uses a 1 or 0 (1=on,0=off) - toggle


* - Turn dismemberment on at the options menu after enabling this code.

** - Each blade (saber staff or dual sabers) can be changed individually. 1 is the
top blade of the saber staff, or the right-hand saber (dual sabers). 2 is the other
blade. This color will "disappear", but will return, when you are using a one bladed
saber. For example, to set a saber staff to have the upper blade green and bottom
blade yellow, enter the code sabercolor 1 green, followed by sabercolor 2 yellow.

*** - If using dual sabers, he/she will make an "X" with the sabers. If using a
saber staff, he/she will make a half circle on the ground and a "come here"
gesture. If only one saber (one blade) is on, they will do the standard spinning

More cheats:

Set lightsaber throw level - setsaberthrow <1-3>
Set lightsaber offense level - setsaberoffense <1-3>
Set lightsaber defense level - setsaberdefense <1-3>
Set Force Jump level - setforcejump <1-3>
Set Force Heal level - setforceheal <1-3>
Set Force Push level - setforcepush <1-3>
Set Force Pull level - setforcepull <1-3>
Set Force Speed level - setforcespeed <1-3>
Set Force Grip level - setforcegrip <1-3>
Set Force Lightning level - setforcelightning <1-3>
Level skip - victory
Use Force Heal - force_heal
Bullet time - thereisnospoon
Pit level - map pit
Change speed; 1 is default, .5 is half speed - timescale
Pick up dropped lightsabers - g_saberpickupabledroppedsabers <1-0>
Single lightsaber with desired hilt - saber single_<1-9>
Dual lightsabers with desired hilt - saber single_<1-9> single_<1-9>
Double lightsaber with desired hilt - saber dual_<1-5>
Sith sword saber - sith_sword
Turn off HUD and save screenshot - levelshot
Save screenshot - screenshot
Centers the view on the screen - centerview
Change difficulty level after quicksave/quickload or starting a new mission
(if done out of the level) - g_spskill
Fly an X-Wing - fly_xwing
Ride an ATST - drive_atst
Unknown - where
Unknown - levelshot
Unknown - spawn
Unknown - altbind
Unknown - altbindlist
Unknown - systeminfo
Unknown - gfxinfo
Unknown - playsong
Unknown - widgetcom
Unknown - inventory
Unknown - vstr
Unknown - heartbeat
Unknown - kick
Unknown - tiki
Unknown - rcon
Unknown - flushlips
Unknown - meminfo
Unknown - reset
Unknown - demo
Unknown - alisdump
Unknown - skinlist
Unknown - mand
Unknown - setviewpos

Changing saber colors:
When using the sabercolor <1-2> code, the following values
can be used for and .

sabercolor 1 will make the right-hand saber (for dual sabers) .
sabercolor 2 will make the left hand saber (for dual sabers) . sabercolor
1 will make the top part of the saber staff and the
bottom part . For example, to have a saber staff (two handed saber)
green, use the sabercolor 1 green green code.

Dropped lightsabers:
Enable the g_saberpickupabledroppedsabers 1 code to enable the pick up of
dropped lightsabers. After a Jedi or Sith dies, you can walk up to his/her lightsaber
on the floor. You will see a "Use" icon (hand with a finger on a button). Use it, and
you will drop your current lightsaber and pick up his or hers. Note: If you have a
saberstaff, you will drop your staff and pick up the saber, giving you a total of one
saber. If you have one saber, you will pick up his saber which gives you a total of
two sabers. If you have two sabers, you will drop the one in your left hand and
replace it with his. If you have no saber (none in your weapons/inventory), you
will pick up and end up with only one saber (until you pick up another one). If you
have any type of saber (one, dual or staff), and you pick up a saber staff, you will
drop any/all your sabers and pick up his.

Difficulty settings:
Use one of the following entries with the g_spskill code.
Information in this section was contributed by Defender.

0: Padawan
1: Jedi
2: Jedi Knight
3: Jedi Master
Values higher than 3 will progressively increase the difficulty setting.

NPC names:
Use one of the following entries with the npc spawn code.

cultist (gun)
cultist_lightning (untextured model)
jedi_random (various helpers from the Academy)
luke (untextured and no saber)
protocol (C3PO)
trandoshan (different colors possible)
weequay4 (different colors possible)

Fighting friendly characters

Enable the playerteam enemy code in the console, then spawn kyle or jedi_random to fight them.

Dismember people

Here is how to dismember people in JK3, just like in JK2. This involves editing a game files ! But it works.

1: Go into the Game folder.
2: Find the GameData folder.
3: Find the base folder.
4: Find jaconfig.cfg
(if it is not there, make sure that the window is set to show ALL FILES)
5: Find g_saberMoreRealistic "0" and change it to g_saberMoreRealistic "99"
6: Find cg_saber EntMarks "1" and change it to cg_saberEntMarks "99"
7: Find g_dismemberment "0" or "1" and change it to g_dismemberment "99"
8: Save it.

Easy defeat of Allora

When you are on Hoth at the room before you get to Allora, you will see a Wampa attacking a Tauntaun. Save the Tauntaun from dying and ride it into the room with Allora. When the battle starts, immediately ram the Tauntaun into Allora (by right clicking). It will be an instant kill.

Defeating Sand Worms

Notice that there are a lot of thermal detonators on the sand worm level "t1_danger" (merchant rescue mission). You can kill the sand creatures with them. throw them somewhere away from other objects in the map (because the Sand Worms do not go where the rocks and other things are found). With about two of the thermal detonators you can kill the Sand Worms, providing they eat them. However they do not go away permanently, even if you kill all of them. Some can still respawn. Also, if you stand still on the sand in the level, the Sand Worms will not eat you (the NPCs are programmed so that they only sense your player or anything else when it moves).

Defeating Reborns

Activate Force Speed (works best with grade 3 speed) and slash once at their front to lure them down. Then, run around behind them and slash their back as many times as possible. This works best if you push them in a corner and complete the procedure.

Use the following trick to kill Reborns, Reborn Masters, Jedi, and other Force users. Use Force Grip to hold them in the air, then throw your lightsaber at them to kill them. It is harder to do to some, but if you timed correctly you will hit them. This usually works best with Grip level 3 and Saber Throw level 3, but is still possible to do with the other levels.

When fighting the Reborns at the start of Chandrilla (after the bridge is blown up), lure them all to the bridge then jump over to the other side. Two of the Reborns will attempt to jump over as well, but will fall to their doom.

Defeating Wampas

To kill a Wampa quickly, let it grab you. As you are hanging upside down, swing your lightsaber to cut off its arm and kill it instantly.

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