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Save often. This game has some time limitations towards the end If you exceed the time limit, you may be forced to restart
the game from the beginning.

Pick up everything! Anytime you can pick up an item, do so. The items will be used later in the game.

Carefully draw out the map. As you enter each section, bring up the on screen map and make a note of where you exited the previous map and where you ended up on the current map. Monsters are generated each time you leave a map section. So, if you clear out a map sector and return to it, the monsters will reappear. Undo wandering can cause you to lose a large amount of ammunition.

Bringing up the inventory will freeze current time. Use this to your advantage when fighting monsters. If you see your health points drastically low, you can bring up the inventory and eat some coconuts or bananas to increase health points.

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