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How do I finish the game perfectly ?

In game, press Control and Shift and type GETDOWN. You will hear Groove saying 'getdown' and everyone will attack you. Now, if you drive off a cliff or get killed by some dude, you have finished the game perfectly.


Play as Tank
If you wanna play as the "TANK" then go to Auto Melee, Instant Melee. From there you have to Select the Phaedra Rattler car and save the Variant name as "knat". Select a diffrent car and then go back to the Phaedra Rattler car. The Phaedra Rattler car name should change into "TANK".

Play as Helicopter
This code is almost the same as the TANK code except you have to change the variant name as "retpocileh". Its the same car and the same game mode.

Press and hold CTRL and SHIFT and then type the codes.

Wiggleburger - Make the Screen Wiggle
Uzi - Tired of that 45. Caliber hand gun.
Well try this. Don't type it to fast or to slow but just right. Its worth it but just try.

Shaky Screen

During a game, enter Ctrl + Shift + WIGGLEBURGER. It shakes up the screen as if you were in a collision. Does not do anything really productive, it just makes it look neat. Re-enter the code to turn it off.

Use the Helicopter on the Final Level

At the vehicle selection screen for the final level, click on the helicopter in the upper left-hand corner.

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