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Cheat Mode

1. Enable the Game Console:
Edit config.cfg in your "//My Documents//Hunting Unlimited 3" directory.

Change the line below:
uset g_console "0"

To the following:
uset g_console "1"

2. Start the game.

3. In either the menu system or the hunting mode, hit the Tilde Key ( ~ ),
which is usually above your TAB key, to open the Console.

4. Enter one of the following codes. Escape takes you back to the game.

cheat_animals - Unknown
g_sun - Unknown
Seems to allow you to change the colour of the sun in the sky.

g_set_fov - Set field of vision in degrees. (accepts 0-360)
Be careful! Some numbers maybe cause strange game behavior.
Try 170, feels like a timewarp when you walk around.

g_set_time - Set time of date.
Syntax: g_set_time ## or g_set_time ##.##
(First number is hours, accepts only 00-23)
(Last number is seconds, accepts only 00-99)
If you want 10:00pm, use: g_set_time 22
It's like military time.
Example, for 5:45pm, use: g_set_time 17.75
The last number is a percent of 60 seconds.
75% of 60 seconds equals 45seconds. Do the math.

gimme_tierz - Unlock all the tiers of the challenge mode
restart - Restart game // hunt

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