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Play as Gilspie

Beat normal difficulty then, start a new game. Gilspie will appear next to the dark wizard. His name will say ???, but it's him.

Hidden Sega Message

Use the 'S', 'E', 'G', and 'A' in the Temple Of Light to see a 'Sega' message.

Advanced Mode

Successfully complete the game, then select the character previously used to start a new game in advanced mode.

Add Dream Hat to inventory

Enter Nindri as your name.

Add Atlus Ring to inventory

Use Vjum as your character name.

RDK +30

Enter Montaka as your character name.

RFR +30

Enter Iyoku as your character name.

RIC +30

Enter Mizupin as your character name.

RPO +30

Enter Hachi as your character name.

VIT +5

Enter Taicho as your character name.

Unlock sound mode

Go to the Sega screen then hit UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT. Now go to the menu screen, highlight a mode, hold START then hit A.

Ultimate Dark Wizard

If you want a really strong and godly Dark Wizard, use this tip. Start a new Dark Wizard. Make the name whatever you want. Play the game as normal but do this: Only upgrade the Demon Breath and Meditate Skills! And to finish this hint up, When you gain a level, put 3 stat points into Intellegence, and the other stat into Vitality. *Note* Every three (3) levels, put the Vit. Stat point into strength so you can use better armors.

+30 Lit Resistince and +5 Int or Dex

Eneter your name as Dengeki to get a +30 Lit Res. and either a +5 Dex or Int Bonus!

Soul Equipment

The best equipment in the game, the Soul Set, can be made by forging 3 Orihalcon and 100000G (thats one-hundred thousand gold). The easiest way to get all of this is the duplicate cheat.So if you want the whole set (The Soul Weapon, The Soul Cap, The Soul Robe,and The Soul Gloves), you will need 12 Orihalcon and 400000G.

The Soul Set gives you a +60 to Fire, Lightning, and Ice Resistances and also gives a Complete Set bonus of +20 Defense!

Duplicate Items

To duplicate an item (it doesn't matter what it is), you have to be able to kill Chaos very easily(Chaos is the final boss). First, drop the item to be duplicated in or around the bed where you start when you turn the game on, or when you die, ect. Then save the game. Reload the game and pick up your items. Kill Chaos and watch the credits. Once they are done, it will say "Data Saved." Then reload it, and the items will be in your inventory and on the ground!

The Best Soul

Once you clear the Koldazhek Cave, which is the seventh required dungeoun, talk to Camelle. she will give you a Soul. Once used, anything that is not killed, will be FROZEN, unless they have a very high Ice Resistince. This is possibly the best soul.

Vit. Increases from Items

Items the upgrade Vit. will end in these endings:

of Life (+4)
of Being (+8)
of Nature (+12)
of Earth (+16)

If you find you keep dieing alot, raise your Vit. with Items like these!

Best Set for a Magic User besides Soul Set

The Mystic Set gives you a +5 Def. Bonus with a +20 Int. bonus so if you don't feel like getting a Soul Set and you are a magic user, go for the Mystic set.(Unidentified Mystic Stuff with great Bonuses will make you even stronger.

Summary of Advanced Difficulty

In Advanced Mode, the monsters from the Goblin Fort are a little stronger than the monsters from Chaos Castle. They also give a little more exp! You can start Advanced Mode whenever, but it is advised that you start at or around Level 40.

Blood Items

The Blood Items (Blood Knife, Blood Sword, ect.) Are very good for the high level fighter. Although they are cursed (cursed item deal 5 damage to you per attack) they also have a +5% regeneration. So basically, the curse will have no effect.

Max Stats

This cheat takes awhile, but it is worth it. Continuos Duplicate one stat enhanceing item until u have 15 in your inventory. Dupe that 15 and use 15, but so that there is still 15 in your inventory. Repeat until max stats. (Duping takes about 45 minutes unless you are cheap and DOWNLOADED THE GAME [sadly there are people who do that])

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